How do I log in to the website?

You can log in to your member service portal by entering your username and password in the log in section on the website. If you have your password, you can enter your username and click ‘Reset Password’. You will then receive a link to your email so you can reset your password.

If you have forgotten your username and password, please contact Head Office and we can provide your username so you can then reset your password.


I have HR/IR issues within my practice. Can AAPM offer any legal advice?

Given the diverse nature of issues, we are not in a position to offer legal advice. As part of your membership, you receive access to a HR service line with Employsure and a Medico-legal advice line with Avant. Please contact Head Office for details.


What is the average salary of a Practice Manager?

Salary is affected by many different variables such as qualifications, size and type of the practice. AAPM commission a Salary Survey every two years which provides a credible benchmark in terms of salaries, benefits, employment conditions and qualifications of Practice Managers in all States and Territories of Australia. The Salary Survey reports can be purchased here


I am interested in education for Practice Managers and would like to complete a Certificate IV or Diploma in Practice Management. Does AAPM offer these courses?

Modern practices today face huge challenges to perform effectively and more efficiently while dealing with a health environment characterised by increasing change and government regulation. AAPM offers a number of educational events throughout the year to assist in all areas of practice management from financial management to staff training. These events provide the opportunity to build your skills, increase your knowledge and network with healthcare professionals. For upcoming events in your State, click here


UNE Partnerships, the education and training company of the University of New England, in association with AAPM, have developed the Professional Practice Manager Development Program. Current nationally accredited Practice Management qualifications available from UNEP include Certificate IV in Leadership and Management and Diploma of Professional Practice Leadership. For information on available courses, please click here


Is AAPM relevant to all areas of healthcare Practice Management?

Yes. AAPM members include those working across the healthcare sector including Specialist, Allied Health, Dental and General Practice. Our National Board and State Branches have members who operate across these areas so we ensure we strive to provide support, services and resources that are relevant to those working in specific areas.


I am a member of AAPM, can I use your logo on my practice website?

AAPM has created a specific Member logo so members can display this in their practice, on their practice website and in their email signature. If you would like a copy of the Member Logo, please contact Head Office. The standard AAPM Logo is not permitted to be used for this purpose.


I need a Practice Manager. Can you help?

AAPM has an Employment section where you can advertise a position vacant for a Practice Manager or other healthcare related position. Positions vacant listed on the AAPM website are included in our fortnightly eNewsletter to members and subscribers.


How can I get my business in front of Practice Managers?

AAPM offers a number of sponsorship, partnership and advertising opportunities for you to get in front of Practice Managers. For information on available opportunities, please email:


How can I become a Certified Practice Manager or Fellow of AAPM?

The AAPM Certification Program information, checklist and application forms for Certified Practice Manager (CPM) and Fellowship can be found on the website.


Does AAPM provide any Scholarships for Practice Management courses?

Yes. Avant is proud to partner with AAPM and each year sponsor five scholarships for practice management courses at UNE Partnerships through the Avant AAPM Scholarship Program. AAPM also offer an Aboriginal Health Service Scholarship sponsored by MedicalDirector and the AAPM Colleen Sullivan Scholarship, both of which provide for enrolment in the Diploma of Professional Practice Leadership at the University of New England Partnerships.


Where can I feedback my ideas?

As part of our continuous improvement philosophy, AAPM is always looking for ways to ensure Practice Managers in the health care sector are supported and have appropriate resources and information available to them. The health environment is characterised by increasing change and government regulation. We welcome your ideas and suggestions on issues we need to be aware of. Please email